Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

We had a crazy weekend, crazy weather, crazy amounts of people, crazy driving, crazy wrecks, and crazy lack of sleep. It started out on Friday afternoon. We started our trip to Dallas and the weather was beautiful and 75 degrees. Made it to Round Rock around 8:15 pm due to traffic. Had a great dinner with Dad and Dina. It was good to see them. Then headed on our way to Dallas I fell asleep and poor Eric and to drive without me talking. Probably happy about that for a while. When we reached Dallas we got stuck in stopped traffic due to a bad accident. That was the first of many wrecks. Talked to Mr. and Mrs. Barta for a while and then totally hit the bed hard. Saturday we went shopping visited a place called Buy Buy Baby I loved it much better then Babies R Us. Went to a wonderful wedding for Mason and Lisa. We had such a good time I even danced. It was beautiful and on the 69th floor of the tallest building in Dallas such a great view. When we left the wedding we walked out and it was snowing. I couldn't believe it I was a pregnant woman running across the crosswalk to get into our car. All the way home it snowed and snowed and snowed. When we woke up in the morning we had three inches of snow on the car and on the ground. It was so beautiful!! We left early in the morning and on the way out of Dallas we passed 21 wrecks. It was so scary every time we passed over and over pass I just held on to the chair and the window handle. By the time we made it to Austin it was sunny and 70 degrees. However, there was another bad wreck on 35 which had traffic completely stopped. Needless to say we finally made it home and met up with Jenn and Kevin our friends that are having a baby in like six weeks.

I am starting to feel bad I think that I am coming down with something. Between sneezing every two seconds and my nose just dripping like a broken faucet I am tired and cranky. I really wish that I could just sleep I even wanted to call in sick today but I can't. I think that I am a little depressed or something because I am so worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day. It is my first appointment of my second trimester. I have been having pregnancy symptoms so I shouldn't be worried although I am. It seems to happen before every one of my doctors appointments. I really can't wait to talk to the doctor and find out what medication That I can take to shake this thing. I am having some crazy cramping today I hope all is well.
Eric feels a ton better and is busy busy at work. We finally got our oven/microwave unit put in today and I am really really excited about it. We have our big party coming up this weekend so having everything done with the house is very exciting. I will update more tomorrow after everything is all said and done.

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