Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010


I am miss moody today and I really have no patience at all. My stomach is bloating out and I am super tired. I also am not feeling so great. My stomach is a bit upset. I thought all this was over but I am glad that I am feeling something. I am sort of worried because I am having some weired pressure in my lower stomach. Maybe it is just that the baby is growing. So I had some crazy cramping after lunch today. I just cant eat very much lately, I feel like my stomach has shrunk. I am sure the baby is taking up a lot of room in there. I really can wait to see little peanut, I wonder what it will look like. Eric thinks we are having a boy. I am not really sure what my guess is. My mother thinks we are having a girl and I think Eric'd dad hopes for a girl. I feel like I would be so much better with a boy but who knows and as long as it is healthy I don't care.

I have been freezing all day today. Can't seem to get worm today. I am so excited Eric is going to be coming home on time tonight. On a good note Eric is feeling a tone better. Well can't wait to have Eric's arms wrapped around me and just chill out.

Getting so ready for the Hawaii trip. I am a little worried about flying but overall ready for a break. To bad I don't get a summer break. Even though having the baby wont really be a break it will be a break from five kids to one. Don't get me wrong I love the kids all of them just feel tired all the time. I hope it is just from being pregnant. I guess it wont get much better once the baby is here.

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  1. It's gona be a boy for sure! Your dad is counting on having someone to take fishing! I keep telling him that girls can fish too, after all, I think you and Terri went fishing with your grandpa when you were little didn't you? I want a stinkin rotten little boy though! Either way, we will be very blessed!