Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011


It's been a long week but a very good week. I wasn't so sure after day one of work that I would be able to handle Owen and the girls. However, the rest of the week has been great. We have a routine but not a time schedule. We do the same thing everyday we just don't have to be on time. It has helped to keep me patient and get everything done that needs to get done.

Owen is starting to take naps maybe he is getting into a routine. I am not sure it could just be faze. I guess time will tell but he is taking a nap right now and I am just going to be happy.

Baby Owen with foot in mouth.

Owen playing his piano.
He has danced with the girls and just seems happy. I have mixed feelings about doing the preschool. I know that it motivates me to get up and do stuff like teach. I love having tons to do. The only down fall is that I don't feel like I have enough one on one time with Owen. I am sure he is learning watching me with the girls but I just wish I could do more one on one with him.
Owen dancing with the girls!!
Baby Owen is the happiest baby!!