Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013

Just updating birthday photos!! One of Owen's friends Dylan's Birthday party at Sea World behind the scenes.

feeding the sting rays

very friendly dolphins

Owen petting a shark

Lunch before sea world

cup cake time

to cool

best buddies, Dylan is in the middle

Jack checking out the coral reef

Party line

can't leave without playing in the water

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

Trying to keep up!!  So we have been super busy as I am sure everyone is as we are getting ready for summer.  

Some updating:  Eric's company will be moving across San Antonio which kind of stinks and he will be leaving for Europe (for work) for two weeks.  I would say it would be a long two weeks but we have so much going on I think it just might fly by.

I will be starting school (finishing college) next week.  Not great timing!! 

Owen is trying to fight some sinus issues but is overall super happy.  He seems to really love his school and I am loving having one on one time with Jack.  Owen is talking up a storm.  He is that kid that asks a million questions.  I could imagine that Eric was that way when he was younger.  We are amazed everyday at how quickly Owen catches on to things.  He comprehends so much. 

Jack is fighting his fifth ear infection for the year and we are waiting for one more to put tubes in. We are obviously hoping this doesn't happen.  Jack is also starting to talk a ton and he is already telling us when he has poop and has peed in the baby potty two times.  Owen had to grow up so fast and we have treated Jack like such a baby but that kids has been pulling one over on us.  He totally get it!!  One day recently he was standing on this chair and Eric told him to sit down so he did and when Eric turned around he stood up.  Then Eric turned to look at him and he sat really fast.  We couldn't help but laugh.  However, it was a reality check that this kid knows way more than we give him credit for. 

We are loving watching these two little ones grow up!!  It is happening so fast and I am trying to capture as many memories as I can without loosing out on participating in the moment.

We have had three kids birthday parties over this weekend, fun times!!!  I am posting some pics of fun times with family and friends!!

Fun Playdate at Open Gymnastics!!

Jack running on the tramp and jumping into the foam pit.

 Owen's big jump of the vault into the foam pit.
We have decided that this will be where we are having Owen's 3rd birthday party.  The kids love it!!
Lunch following our gymnastic playdate.  There are three more kids not pictured and only six moms.  All children under the age of 3!!  Thank you chick fil a for having free ice cream with every kids meal!!
We had a fun day at the Farm!!
Jack trying out the riding mower
Our first big catch while fishing.

We will not quit our day jobs to become pro fishers!!
Owen on the Kubota!
Memorial Day fun with some great friends at Sea World.  Jennifer, Kevin, Ayden and little Maddie.  Kevin is currently serving and it was great to get to share this night with them.  We had an amazing evening.  The kids made it till 10 pm .  I also want to give a shout out to my step dad for his service.
Jack soaking it up at the splash pad in the Bay of Play.

Can't go to sea world without watching elmo and taking a picture with some of the characters.


Owen having fun at the splash pad.

Always fun to watch the dads squeeze on this ride with the kids.  Good thing they are both tall and skinny.

Watching the fire works at 10 pm, we made it!!
More pics coming soon!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 2013

Family Vacation,

We had a wonderful family vacation with some really great friends.  We took are annual vacation to Padre Island.  We went this year with our great friends Jen and Kevin Veneman.  They have to amazing children Maddie the youngest at 11 months and Ayden who is four months older than Owen.  We had such a great time together. 

Dinner the first night hot dogs and corn.  Love this pic of all the kids eating the corn on the cob.

The guys having fun grilling it up.

Last day group picture.

Can't leave without a shark picture at the beach.

Ayden's catch of the day.

Eric took Owen fishing and the first cast ended up in the water.  Not sure fishing will be Owen's thing.

Playing in the sand.

Jack the surfing man.

I was playing with the boys in the water.

The boys trying it out by themselves.

Jack running from the water.

Having fun!!

Dinner night.

Dinner night.

The boys hanging out!!

Building a big castle with the daddies.

Checking it out!!

Hands on at the Texas State Aquarium.

Owen feeling a sting ray.  Super cool!!
All in all a great vacation!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013


Mother's Day!!  I haven't kept up with the blog but I am going to try to get back into the swing of it.

Sea world!!
watching the dolphins

daddy and Jack

Jack making a new dolphin friend!

Owen loves shamu

Another family pic

Daddy taking Owen on his first roller coaster ride

horse ride

Jacks first ride

we love franklin

Jacks second ride

a little karate dance

Owen rushing the stage

horse ride with daddy
We had such and awesome time together at sea world.  The kids seemed to have a wonderful time and I had an awesome Mother's day!!