Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas was great. We did a tone of driving but we managed to visit all the family. These are some pictures of Christmas with the Ohnheiser's. My dad, Dina, Grandma, Terri, Reed, Alexis, Tanner and of course Eric and Owen. He got that really big monkey pillow. He rolled off of the pillow a couple minutes after this picture was taken and bonked his little head. I think that it scared him more than anything but he was not happy about it.

One of his first Christmas gifts.

The little outfit that Mam-maw bought him.

Pap-paw and Mam-maw!!

Daddy and Owen big Ranger fans.

Owen's Great Grandma, she loves holding him.

This is the Christmas with the newly Malony family. We spent two days with my Nana (my mom), Gary, Terri, Reed, Alexis, and Tanner. My Momo and Popo came to visit us and baby Owen. He really loved sitting in Grandpa Gary's chair. He was a real big boy.

Owen in Grandpa Gary's chair.

Happy Baby!!

Big happy family. Had a great Christmas!!

Big boy sitting with mom and Popo.

Nana bought a book that she recorded herself reading to Owen.
Christmas with the Barta's. This was the first time Owen traveled to Omi and Opi's house. Plus a bonus Uncle Alan was there. He hadn't had the privilege to meet Owen yet so it was nice for him to meet Owen. We had fun hanging out with Omi, Opi, and Uncle Alan. Owen received a lot of really great books. We have had fun reading them to him already.

Opi, Omi, and baby Owen!!

Mommy and baby Owen getting ready to open gifts.

Uncle Alan and Owen hanging out!!
Thank you to all our families for having us over and feeding us. We appreciate your hospitality and love. We had a great Christmas with all of you and hope to have many more.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010


What a crazy day. I do believe that Owen is teething. Very fussy, not sleeping, drooling everywhere, gnawing on hands, clothing, but not his chew toys. I had a rough day with him today. Called Eric around 4:00 pm with nothing left. Luckily I got him to fall asleep on my chest for about 30 minutes. I felt like I couldn't get anything done today because after about five minutes he wanted to be picked up or change areas. We tried out every toy he has, and every chair. He played in his crib, on the floor, in his chair, in the bumbo seat, in the swing, in the exersaucer, and on the sofa. I just didn't know what else to do. He just wanted to be held. That is how he ended up falling asleep on my chest.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010


Hey everyone I am just trying to catch up. Things are finally starting to slow down right in time for our little vacation. That will make things crazy again. Then we have Christmas. Then I start the preschool back up again. Crazy times in the Barta home. I have a couple of great pics of Owen.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010


Wonderful night!!! Owen ate about 8 oz last night from around 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm. Then he slept till 6:45 am this morning. I can't tell you how awesome that is. So this morning was a wonderful morning. Although he was starving this morning. Once I fed him he was the most happy alert baby. He has been laughing and talking all morning. We did tummy time, read a couple of books, floor play, and playing with his seat toy. He started getting tired so I fed him and put him in his seat. Then I accidentally dropped the remote on the floor and I got the evil eye. This kid is so darn cute. He does the funniest things. I don't know how he is sleeping after sleeping for so long last night. I am sure that he is growing. I put a onsie on him this morning and it is getting to short. He is still a little skinny fart but he is getting longer. His head is getting bigger also. This morning when we were doing tummy time he pushed himself up and held his head up. He is doing so great.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010


Well just trying to get back on track. Traveling during the holidays with a new baby is a little difficult and overwhelming. However, we all do it and we all survive. We had a great Thanksgiving with all the families.

Eric's parents came to visit us and I made my first Thanksgiving meal. I must say it turned out quite nice. They were great. They watched Owen while Eric and I went for a walk. It is nice to get a little break every once in a while. Eric's mother really helped me with the Thanksgiving meal. It was a great weekend. It was so nice to be able to be in our own home with all the things we are so used to having right at our finger tips. I will say that we have decided we really need to add on another bedroom downstairs. We need a guest room. Getting a quote tomorrow on closing our garage in and adding a bedroom and bathroom. We will see!!

Omi and Owen

Opi and Owen

Boys nap after Big meal
Thanksgiving day was spent out at the farm with my dad, stepmother, grandmother, and my sisters family. We had a great time. Little Owen got to sit in the tractor with my dad. He will have so much fun at the farm as he gets older. A tree fell because of the high winds and all the boys got to go play with all the toys to clean up the tree. Eric is not much of a farm boy but I think he enjoys getting to go do all the farm stuff. He actually said he could see himself living out in a place like that.

Aunt Terri and Owen

Mam-Maw and Owen

Pap-Paw and Owen

Great Grandma and Owen

The Boys having fun!!

Went from the farm to my mom and Gary's house last weekend. It was nice to see my momo and popo, and my sister and her family came to moms also. The guys played yard darts. I had never heard of that but it looked like fun. We also had a movie night of shriek 3 and monsters ink. Kid friendly fun.

Nana and Owen

Grandpa Gary and Owen

Momo and Owen

Uncle Reed and Owen

Tanner reading to Owen

Monday was recovery day. I came down with a clogged breast and have been trying to fight that. Yesterday we did Owens Christmas pictures which he wanted nothing to do with. He looked so annoyed at first, then he got hungry, then he needed his diaper changed and after all that he was to tired to go on. Go figure he just didn't want to strike a pose.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010


I am really feeling totally unmotivated today. I just want to sleep and sit around all day long. Ok so I am going to do that because I am tired and Owen is finally sleeping.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010


So something funny this morning. Besides the fact that Owen woke up on the right side of the bed. Totally in a good mood.

I put him in his ut outfit and he threw up all over it. I guess he is as disgusted as the rest of us with their performance.

A little embarrassed mom!!

We are in for a great day today. We have a lunch date with my friend Maggie and her 6 month old daughter Keira. Maybe Owens future girlfriend!! J/K. Tonight Eric is having poker night and we will have about 12 people in the house. Owen loves people and he is in a good mood so this should be a fun day for him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010


What a day yesterday. Owen and I went on a shopping spree. We started the day happy and at home and spent the middle of the day out shopping. Owen did great besides the huge poop he took all over his clothes at target. Had to buy him some new pants.
Paxter is not sure???
Happy big boy!!!
Owen getting some mommy love!!!
Loving his new toy.
Trying to help mommy with laundry.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010


I will write about the weekend tomorrow but I just wanted to share some happy baby pics.
learning to hold my toys
talking to mom and dad
Happy Baby!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010


I know that I haven't written anything in the last couple days. I have been busy with a sick baby. We took Owen to the doctor yesterday because he has been getting worse. stuffed nose, congestion in his throat, coughing, throwing up, and not sleeping well. He has a cold and there is nothing we can do. He has drainage and a clogged nose. We are doing saline drops, pedialite, humidifier, and propping the mattress up. We are hoping it will clear up by tomorrow. If not then we are to call the doctor back. Keep fingers crossed and pray.
Today has already started out fussy. I am sure we are in for a long day. Owen is sleeping right now I don't think he get any good sleep over night because he is so stopped up.

Monday, November 8, 2010

november 8, 2010

Well it was another great weekend with Owen.

Friday Eric, Owen and I went to get some really awesome gas fire logs. The fireplace turned out nicely and we used them already a couple of nights. This weather has not been good for any of us. Owen is a little sick. He has a lot of congestion which we have been trying to make better using the humidifier, nasal drops and warm water. They do seem to be doing the job. Thank God!! Amanda and Keven Carrejo came to visit us on Friday. It was really nice to see them and just kind of catch up a bit. That evening we had dinner with Paul and Diane. Diane and I cooked together and made crepes. Good times with good friends.

Saturday, we had a great time at the dog park with Paul and Diane. We also did a nice hike. The weather during the day was great. We spent the afternoon sleeping and just hanging out as a family. It was a great day.

Sunday was a great time with Mam Maw and Pap Paw. We all went to eat at Scenic Loop Cafe. It was a beautiful day. Owen was in a great mood.

It was a great weekend!!

Today has been a good day. Owen has been a little bit fussy. I guess because he is not feeling well he has been sleeping a lot. I guess that is good for me so I can get stuff done. When he has been awake I am trying new toys for him. He really doesn't like them yet but hey it doesn't hurt to try.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010


So, I have missed two days but I am back. Yesterday we had to take Quebert our dog to the vet for his yearly check up. Then we got to go eat lunch with Eric. It is nice to get to see him during the day and I know that Eric likes to get to see Owen and me. In the afternoon I had some serious Owen cuddle time, and we took a nap together. Yesterday was super important because Owen was officially six weeks old. Two more weeks and he will be two months old. I can't believe it. He is getting so big, I will post a picture later on today. I am so tired as it is 5:45 am and I just fed Owen. He was asleep but it seems as though he may be waking up. I want some more sleep so I will let him just root around.

Look mom!!

Happy Baby!!

Ok mom that is enough!!
I'm a big boy!!

I started keeping track of how much food Owen is getting in a day. His doctor said no more than 36 oz in a day. He had 32 oz yesterday and had a good start today.

I'm growing!!
And so happy!!

Owen is full of gas today and is not feeling very good. Crying a lot today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010


What a crazy weekend. Friday Eric took off and will continue to take off Friday's till the new year. He really kind of works from home. However, on Friday we ran all over the place. I had a doctor appointment for myself which went well. Owen did great while we ran around. Friday night was tough Owen didn't sleep well at all. He did sleep from 10:30 to 4:30 but then was up after that.

After a long night

I am so cute!!

So I am always worried about if Owen is sleeping to much, not eating enough, etc. I have started pumping and feeding him more with a bottle so that I can keep track of how much food he is getting. Plus feeding with a bottle allows us to be more mobile. He is doing great with the bottle and still eating off the breast when needed. This is also helping with my production of milk.

Saturday we went to celebrate with my sister who just passed HEB management school. She had the highest test score out of all 130 people trying to get into management at HEB. She is really excited to be in charge. This will be great for her. We got to have lunch with my sister and mom. Owen got to hang with Nana, grandpa Gary, Aunt Terri and Uncle Reed. He was passed around like a little doll. He was so awake during lunch which was nice. However while we were there he had an accident and the only clothes I had in the diaper bag were NB. They didn't fit. The shirt didn't cover his belly and the pants looked like shorts that were way to tight. So he officially doesn't wear NB clothing. I went ahead and put them all away when we got home on Saturday night. The Rangers won which made Eric's day. Again anther hard night with Owen. Up at 4:30 on.

I got this dad

This NB outfit is to small

Sunday was a little more of a relaxing day. Because we didn't get much sleep we did take naps. I got a good 3 hour nap. He couldn't decide what to wear. He threw up all over his first outfit which was so cute, a little sports outfit. Then I put his Halloween outfit on and took him upstairs to lay with dad. He fell asleep for about 30 minutes when he woke up he had pooped all over his outfit. Then I put his Rangers outfit on . He kept that on till we were getting ready to leave to go hiking. I went to change his diaper and he peed all over himself and his clothing. So we put on the silly monkey outfit. It made it through the rest of the day. We took Owen on a good hike which he loved and we did go grocery shopping. The rest of the day was relaxing. We also made our Halloween pumpkin.

Go Rangers

He slept so great last night. He slept from 10:30 to 5 am and then 5:30am to 8 am. He did so great. Mommy and Daddy slept well also.