Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010


What a crazy weekend. Friday Eric took off and will continue to take off Friday's till the new year. He really kind of works from home. However, on Friday we ran all over the place. I had a doctor appointment for myself which went well. Owen did great while we ran around. Friday night was tough Owen didn't sleep well at all. He did sleep from 10:30 to 4:30 but then was up after that.

After a long night

I am so cute!!

So I am always worried about if Owen is sleeping to much, not eating enough, etc. I have started pumping and feeding him more with a bottle so that I can keep track of how much food he is getting. Plus feeding with a bottle allows us to be more mobile. He is doing great with the bottle and still eating off the breast when needed. This is also helping with my production of milk.

Saturday we went to celebrate with my sister who just passed HEB management school. She had the highest test score out of all 130 people trying to get into management at HEB. She is really excited to be in charge. This will be great for her. We got to have lunch with my sister and mom. Owen got to hang with Nana, grandpa Gary, Aunt Terri and Uncle Reed. He was passed around like a little doll. He was so awake during lunch which was nice. However while we were there he had an accident and the only clothes I had in the diaper bag were NB. They didn't fit. The shirt didn't cover his belly and the pants looked like shorts that were way to tight. So he officially doesn't wear NB clothing. I went ahead and put them all away when we got home on Saturday night. The Rangers won which made Eric's day. Again anther hard night with Owen. Up at 4:30 on.

I got this dad

This NB outfit is to small

Sunday was a little more of a relaxing day. Because we didn't get much sleep we did take naps. I got a good 3 hour nap. He couldn't decide what to wear. He threw up all over his first outfit which was so cute, a little sports outfit. Then I put his Halloween outfit on and took him upstairs to lay with dad. He fell asleep for about 30 minutes when he woke up he had pooped all over his outfit. Then I put his Rangers outfit on . He kept that on till we were getting ready to leave to go hiking. I went to change his diaper and he peed all over himself and his clothing. So we put on the silly monkey outfit. It made it through the rest of the day. We took Owen on a good hike which he loved and we did go grocery shopping. The rest of the day was relaxing. We also made our Halloween pumpkin.

Go Rangers

He slept so great last night. He slept from 10:30 to 5 am and then 5:30am to 8 am. He did so great. Mommy and Daddy slept well also.

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