Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012

This has been a quick and crazy month. I can't believe that June is almost over! We are getting ready to make a fun trip to Dallas to visit Eric's family, so exciting. However, as for this month we have been busy.
Jack is growing so fast. He is clapping, trying to crawl, talking (babbling really) and interacting with Owen. I think Jack may actually skip crawling and just start pulling up and walking. He has been locking his legs and wanting to stand. I put him up against the couch and he just stood there. Eric went out of town this past week and when he got back he said that it looked like Jack had grown so much. It is so cute to see both the boys sitting in the front of the HEB cart together. It's the little things.
He likes to stand already. Clapping baby video.
Owen is talking more and more every day. He started saying "bless you baby," when people sneeze, so cute. He is also saying "I Love you," totally sweet. He is also doing so great in his swim lessons. He is jumping into the pool to us, starting to use his arms when he kicks, blowing bubbles, and starting to hold his breath when going under (without us blowing in his face). I had told Owen the day before Eric come home, "Daddy will be here when you wake up in the morning." The next morning he woke up calling for Daddy. Owen has also been having a lot of fun at school. They had a funny hair day and he loved it. He has been picking on the little kids in his class. He is now the oldest in his class and when trying to play with the other kids he gets a little rough with the 12 month olds.
Crazy hair day at school. Play date at sea world with some of his buddies.
Funny story about the boys. The boys were playing upstairs in the living room and I was taking the recycling out downstairs. When I came back up stairs I heard Jack grunting in a weird way. So I came around the corner to check on the boys. Owen was riding Jack like a horse. I got Owen off and picked Jack up. I was trying to scold Owen but Jack was laughing and Owen said, "Jack fun, Jack fun." As mad as I wanted to be it was kind of funny.
Eric and I are doing great. We have found a wonderful sitter for the kids. Which allowed us to have a great date night out. Going back to the old days, dinner and darts. We have been doing a lot of family outings, zoo, Sea World, and lots of swimming. Eric is really busy right now with work. So the weekends are full of fun family time. All in all things are great.
Family outing to the zoo. Train ride and feeding the birds.
Eric and Owen at the petting zoo. Eric and Owen feeding the fish.
The birds seem to love Jack and I. Owen making new friends (he is good with the ladies).

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

May is over I can't believe it!! I am sure everyone has been busy with the end of school and life in general.
Eric has been super busy at work. Since he has been working so much lately we really have been filling our weekends with fun activities.
Owen is starting to talk so much. He is like a parrot. He repeats everything. He has also become such a funny guy. I had pre made Jacks food and put it in the middle of the table. I was cooking dinner I hadn't looked up for a bit and when I did Owen was feeding Jack his baby food. He actually did a really good job and Jack had the biggest smile on his face. Owen has also started using the potty. It is hit or miss. We put him on the potty every morning and before bed. He is not really ready but he goes sometimes. Owen was off of school this week and we had three playdates lined up but the little man got sick and we had to cancel them all. He ran a fever and rash for two days then the crazy cough and runny nose. We are still fighting this off and to top it off Jack started with the runny nose today. Good times. Jack had a busy month. His second tooth has just come in, he is officially sitting up and he is starting to get up on all fours. I think that he will be crawling in maybe a week or two. They are growing up so fast.
We wanted to have a fun weekend since it was kind of a stick around the house kind of week. We went to Sea World for our first visit of the season. It was a lot of fun. Owen is starting to really understand what he is seeing. During May we learned about sea animals so he loved seeing the dolphins and sharks. Plus you can never go wrong with Sesame Street. We took a picture with all the gang. He went through all of them and kept saying hi cookie, hi zoe, hi abby, etc. After the picture he said bye to all of them the same way. It was the cutest thing ever. He also started saying, "I love you," this weekend. I am sure you all know but when your child tells you "I Love you" for the first time it makes your heart melt. I know he doesn't understand what he is saying but still so sweet.
Riding the Train at the Zoo. Pics with the creepy condutor.
At the Zoo with Owen's best buddy Ayden!! Checking out the bear and riding the elephant.
Playing in the water area at the zoo. I totally forgot Owen's swim suit so the zoo gave me this swim diaper. At least he is having fun.
Jack sitting up!! Owen going potty. This was a successful potty time.
First trip of the season to Sea World. Water fun with mommy.
Owen having a blast. Eric hanging out with baby Jack.

Eric and Owen feeding the dalphins. Pics with the sesame street gang. Owen was in heaven.