Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012

I had a wonderful mothers day. Eric and the boys gave me these great flower pots. One is sprayed with chalk board spray so that we can write what we want on it. The second one has both the boys had prints on it. Eric did a great job being crafty with the boys. I am so in love with my wonderful family. We spent mothers day with my mother, stepfather, and grandparents. We had a great time grilling out. We also attended a fun birthday party for my cousins little girl. Owen had a great time.
Chalk board pot.
My kiddo's hand prints.
Jack with his Popo
Owen having fun at the pool party for Jillian.
Well, it has been a long and eventful week. Eric had a super busy week at work, a going away happy hour on Monday, and a boys poker night on Wednesday. Owen decided he didn't want to follow directions this week and ran out in the road on three different occasions. He took a nose dive off the see saw and busted his mouth on a metal bar which cut his gums and bled everywhere. His mouth is doing great and has already started healing. He wanted to get back on the see saw five minutes after the accident happened. On a positive note he has peed in the potty three times this week. We are having to sit him on the potty but he is going. He also had field day at school on Thursday and they said he loved it. The big news is that Jack turned six months this week. I can't believe how fast time is flying. He did great with his shots but has since had a small allergic reaction, he seems to be doing fine. Jack has his first tooth, started sitting up on his own, started eating baby food, and drinking out of a sippy cup. Owen loves letting Jack drink out of his juice cups. I did get a wonderful girls night out. The theme was comfort food which was amazing.
Jack turned six months old this week!!
Jack's first tooth. Jack sitting up!!
Owen sharing his sippy cup with Jack and Jack is drinking it up. Owen and Jack watching cartoons together.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

We went on our first family vacation this past weekend, it went great. We had beach time, we went to the Texas State Aquarium, uss Lexington, a Hooks baseball game and the Botanical Gardens. It was a very relaxing vacation as relaxing as a vacation with two kiddos can be.
We had a great vacation and have been thrown back into reality. We spent two hours as the doctor today. Owen has a sinus infection and a double ear infection. Luckly he is a happy sick kid.
Our view from the condo living room. Owen loved looking out as much as we did.
The view from our deck. Eric and I took advantage of the deck every night once the kiddo's went to sleep.
Eric and Owen checking out the Sea Horses.
Water area at the Texas state Aquarium. We had so much fun.
Owen has his own Paleo Park.
Owen is all about climbing on people. I thought it was a funny picture of Owen on Eric it looks like he is giving Eric a massage.
All pictures on the USS Lexington. Owen driving the ship.
Me with the boys trying not to blow over on the flight deck. Eric and Owen in charge.
Owen and Eric on the side guns. Jack and I driving the ship.
The Botanical Gardens, my little butterflies.
The boys sporting there Ranger gear at the Hooks game.
Owen and Jack hanging in the Condo.
Huge park on the beach, Owen had a blast.
Head first!!
Both the boys playing in the water. Happy babies playing in the sand.
A really nice lady came and took this picture for us. Jack just chilling.
Flying a kite with Owen.
Eric and Owen playing in the sand. Owen loved rolling around in the sand.
Owen also really loved the water and the waves.
Jack and I hanging out. Jack and I trying out the water.