Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010


Feeling so sick today. Nausea and diarrhea this sucks. I called the doctor today and she gave me some medication and my wonderful husband left work to go get me the medication, Gatorade, and some chicken noodle soup. I love that man. I am still feeling queasy this afternoon but I don't know what else to do. If I still have diarrhea in the morning I have to call and be admitted into the hospital for an IV so I don't get dehydration. Today I am official 15 weeks pregnant. I am so very happy about that. I hope that the baby is ok. I am a little worried. Well just very very tired today. We still have to go to the grocery store tonight when Eric gets home and I am really not looking forward to it. I guess we will work it out. I took my 15 week picture this morning but my bump doesn't look so big because I have lost water weight due to the diarrhea. I feel like I lost a lot of weight but like I said I think it is just water. I also got in my new swim bottoms but they feel to tight around my stomach. They fit my butt just great but the belly not so much. I will be covering them up anyway.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010


Such a wonderful day because I got to lay around and sleep all day long. I really needed it. I guess the baby is still doing well. I haven't had any problems with the baby and my boobs have been very swollen the last couple days, good sign. However, the last three or four days I have had lots of stomach and intestine problems causing diarrhea. I am really nervous about this because it can cause dehydration for me and the baby. I will be calling the doctor tomorrow if I still have it. Everything I have read says that it isn't bad for the baby if I have diarrhea but the dehydration is the bad part. I have been trying to down a lot of water,

The house party yesterday went great. It was very nice to spend time with friends and family. Yes we got a wonderful visit from my cousin Alyssa and husband Michael. It was so nice to talk with them. Realized I missed two birthdays at the end of this month. I would like to make a shout out to Alex and Aunt Darice. I am so sorry for missing your birthdays. Eric made the best burgers and dogs (hot dogs that is). Alyssa made great tortilla roles I did eat some as a midnight snack around 3 this morning. I have to throw a shout out to myself because the queso I made rocked my world. We all know that I am obsessed with cheese and well that just did it for me. Probably not the best thing to eat when you have stomach problems but I couldn't let all the great food go without eating some myself. I am paying for it today. Just really nice to share the house and the views with everyone. With moving into the new house and all the baby stuff we haven't had a lot of time to visit with all our friends. We missed a some people but hopefully we can catch up soon. About 10 of us took a hike down to the golf course and totally got busted the guys were having a golf ball throwing contest. Just had to leave the golf course no biggy I guess. The house stayed clean which is awesome because I didn't really feel like cleaning today.

Another Great Weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010


Yesterday was our doctor's appointment and all went well. The baby's heart beat was at 155 which is strong and going. We are so excited about the appointment and our little peanut. Eric took me to Babies R Us last night and we bought a monkey rattle for the baby. It is our first little gift for our baby peanut. I rattled it against my belly and told the baby that we bought it a gift. My next appointment is in two weeks but just for blood work. They will test for defects in the fetus. Then two weeks later, April 22, We will have our big sonogram. This will be the one that they check all measurements of the baby, fingers, toes, defects of the fetus and me, and if the baby is a boy or girl. This will be an exciting and nerve wracking sono but we can't wait. Then we will meet with the doctor so that we can go over the sonogram results and what I need to do while traveling. We leave for Hawaii on the 24th.

We have a crazy month ahead of us. We have a house party this weekend which is going to be a lot of work. The next weekend is Easter. We are having an Easter Party with an egg hunt at school with all the parents. Then we are going to celebrate Easter with my mom and her family. Then we have a baby shower, Greene with Dad and Dina, and off to Hawaii. What a month.

Not a real beautiful day today but a nice day to hang out with the kiddo's.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

We had a crazy weekend, crazy weather, crazy amounts of people, crazy driving, crazy wrecks, and crazy lack of sleep. It started out on Friday afternoon. We started our trip to Dallas and the weather was beautiful and 75 degrees. Made it to Round Rock around 8:15 pm due to traffic. Had a great dinner with Dad and Dina. It was good to see them. Then headed on our way to Dallas I fell asleep and poor Eric and to drive without me talking. Probably happy about that for a while. When we reached Dallas we got stuck in stopped traffic due to a bad accident. That was the first of many wrecks. Talked to Mr. and Mrs. Barta for a while and then totally hit the bed hard. Saturday we went shopping visited a place called Buy Buy Baby I loved it much better then Babies R Us. Went to a wonderful wedding for Mason and Lisa. We had such a good time I even danced. It was beautiful and on the 69th floor of the tallest building in Dallas such a great view. When we left the wedding we walked out and it was snowing. I couldn't believe it I was a pregnant woman running across the crosswalk to get into our car. All the way home it snowed and snowed and snowed. When we woke up in the morning we had three inches of snow on the car and on the ground. It was so beautiful!! We left early in the morning and on the way out of Dallas we passed 21 wrecks. It was so scary every time we passed over and over pass I just held on to the chair and the window handle. By the time we made it to Austin it was sunny and 70 degrees. However, there was another bad wreck on 35 which had traffic completely stopped. Needless to say we finally made it home and met up with Jenn and Kevin our friends that are having a baby in like six weeks.

I am starting to feel bad I think that I am coming down with something. Between sneezing every two seconds and my nose just dripping like a broken faucet I am tired and cranky. I really wish that I could just sleep I even wanted to call in sick today but I can't. I think that I am a little depressed or something because I am so worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day. It is my first appointment of my second trimester. I have been having pregnancy symptoms so I shouldn't be worried although I am. It seems to happen before every one of my doctors appointments. I really can't wait to talk to the doctor and find out what medication That I can take to shake this thing. I am having some crazy cramping today I hope all is well.
Eric feels a ton better and is busy busy at work. We finally got our oven/microwave unit put in today and I am really really excited about it. We have our big party coming up this weekend so having everything done with the house is very exciting. I will update more tomorrow after everything is all said and done.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010


I am miss moody today and I really have no patience at all. My stomach is bloating out and I am super tired. I also am not feeling so great. My stomach is a bit upset. I thought all this was over but I am glad that I am feeling something. I am sort of worried because I am having some weired pressure in my lower stomach. Maybe it is just that the baby is growing. So I had some crazy cramping after lunch today. I just cant eat very much lately, I feel like my stomach has shrunk. I am sure the baby is taking up a lot of room in there. I really can wait to see little peanut, I wonder what it will look like. Eric thinks we are having a boy. I am not really sure what my guess is. My mother thinks we are having a girl and I think Eric'd dad hopes for a girl. I feel like I would be so much better with a boy but who knows and as long as it is healthy I don't care.

I have been freezing all day today. Can't seem to get worm today. I am so excited Eric is going to be coming home on time tonight. On a good note Eric is feeling a tone better. Well can't wait to have Eric's arms wrapped around me and just chill out.

Getting so ready for the Hawaii trip. I am a little worried about flying but overall ready for a break. To bad I don't get a summer break. Even though having the baby wont really be a break it will be a break from five kids to one. Don't get me wrong I love the kids all of them just feel tired all the time. I hope it is just from being pregnant. I guess it wont get much better once the baby is here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010


What a day? So beautiful, just kidding but a great day for nap time all the kid's are down for the count. I am feeling good today just a little bit bloated. I guess that is a good thing. Other than that not really anything else happening with the baby. Yesterday was the start of week 13. I didn't take the picture till today but I am posting it. I have a little baby bump.

I am really excited about dinner tonight. I am making pot roast, one of Eric's favorite meals. I love it too.

Eric says that he is starting to feel better today. I am so glad about that because he has had this bug for a week. He worked a 16 hour day yesterday and went in again at 6am today. I feel so sorry for him. This is all about his last project which I thought was over but of course no project is perfect when it is first launched. He is working so hard I am very proud of him.

The kids were great today. When it is rainy it is a little hard because the kids get really loud. They need to go outside. Dancing helps because they get the wiggles out. We made the cutest little ladybugs today.

Overall its been a good day and the best news is that Eric is going to be coming home on time. Sooooooooo very excited.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010


Well woke up feeling absolutely amazing. Of course this makes me think that something is wrong. I really can't wait to get through to the next doctor appointment. One more week thank God. I wish I could really enjoy this pregnancy more. I am so worried about loosing this baby that I can't just be happy that I feel great. I would rather feel symptoms the entire pregnancy because then I would know that things were happening.

Eric had to go into work at like 6 am this morning. He was up at 5, crazy man. I feel so sorry for him because he also has to work till 10 pm tonight. He is still not feeling well as of last night he sounded horrible and had a really bad headache. However, he refuses to take his medication on a regular basis so it is a little hard for me to feel really sorry for him. I do feel bad because I gave him a mother speech which is not really my place. No offence to all the mothers. Hopefully he will start feeling better soon. I miss kisses and loving from my husband.

Kids have been a little wacky today. It's a Monday have to get back in the groove of things. We made butterfly's today and they did a great job. We are working on the letter X you would think that it would be easy but some are having trouble with the diagonal line. We will work on it. I told the kids to find an insect when we went outside and they found a spider in the grass, good eyes.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010


Well we had such a wonderful day yesterday in Austin. We went up with our friends Diane and Paul. Diane needed to get fitted for her wedding dress so we took the trip. We went for a walk around Town Lake, which brought back so many memories and made me want to go for a run. Don't worry I didn't run just walked it was so beautiful with all the flowers starting to bloom. There where so many people out. Then we went and ate at Hula Hut on Lake Austin. We sat outside and enjoyed the food and the views. They have to have the best chicken tortilla soup ever. However, later on not feeling it, I don't think that the baby liked it. After we ate we went canoeing back on Town Lake. Played some bumper boats with Diane and Paul. Had so much fun and got a great arm workout. Ok Eric got a better one because he did a lot of the paddling. Got some really awesome frozen yogurt at this yogurt shop under Flipnotics. They have ice cream machines on the wall all different flavors all frozen yogurt. You get a flavor or mix them and then they have a table with about 40 toppings. You do it all yourself then they weigh it and you pay by the weight. It was really good. Got a little dehydrated throughout the day which really worried me. I had the worst headache and nausea on the way home and throughout the night. Downed 40 oz of water last night to try to rehydrate. Felt much better this morning thank God. I was craving some watermelon this morning so when we went grocery shopping I made sure that we got some. Eric was such a big help today we cleaned the house together. Now we have the entire afternoon to just chill out and sleep. We will enjoy the beautiful day by looking out our windows from the sofas. Eric is finally starting to feel better. One more day of rest and hopefully he will feel a lot better. He has a two shift work day tomorrow so he wont be home till late. Dinner without hubby boo. We are both so excited about spring forward more daylight to enjoy our back deck and views. Still trying to find a swimsuit that I like so I can enjoy summer as a pregnant woman. I can't believe how much maternity swimwear cost. I am still deciding on showing off the belly or covering it up???? If that is all I am worried about then things are good. I think this baby might have motion sickness just like daddy because every time I get in a car as a passenger I get sick. It happened again this morning on the way to grocery store. Well it runs in the family.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010


Ok so about the baby. We had to give back the Doppler so we have listened to the heart beat everyday. It is so awesome to hear the heart beat and it really does help to reassure me. However, I feel like I just worried all the time. I feel like I can't really enjoy being pregnant because I worry about loosing the baby. For now all is well. We heard the heartbeat yesterday and all was well. I think in was like 151. Eric is sick so we have really just been trying to chill out all week. I think that we are going to try to go do something fun in Austin tomorrow. We will play it by ear.

Next week Eric and I have a wedding in Dallas so we will get to see the Barta Grandparents. It will be fun. We will also get to see a good friend of ours who is also pregnant.

So our next doctors appointment is March 23rd at 4:30 pm. I will update the blog after the appointment.