Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010


What a day? So beautiful, just kidding but a great day for nap time all the kid's are down for the count. I am feeling good today just a little bit bloated. I guess that is a good thing. Other than that not really anything else happening with the baby. Yesterday was the start of week 13. I didn't take the picture till today but I am posting it. I have a little baby bump.

I am really excited about dinner tonight. I am making pot roast, one of Eric's favorite meals. I love it too.

Eric says that he is starting to feel better today. I am so glad about that because he has had this bug for a week. He worked a 16 hour day yesterday and went in again at 6am today. I feel so sorry for him. This is all about his last project which I thought was over but of course no project is perfect when it is first launched. He is working so hard I am very proud of him.

The kids were great today. When it is rainy it is a little hard because the kids get really loud. They need to go outside. Dancing helps because they get the wiggles out. We made the cutest little ladybugs today.

Overall its been a good day and the best news is that Eric is going to be coming home on time. Sooooooooo very excited.

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