Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010


Well we had such a wonderful day yesterday in Austin. We went up with our friends Diane and Paul. Diane needed to get fitted for her wedding dress so we took the trip. We went for a walk around Town Lake, which brought back so many memories and made me want to go for a run. Don't worry I didn't run just walked it was so beautiful with all the flowers starting to bloom. There where so many people out. Then we went and ate at Hula Hut on Lake Austin. We sat outside and enjoyed the food and the views. They have to have the best chicken tortilla soup ever. However, later on not feeling it, I don't think that the baby liked it. After we ate we went canoeing back on Town Lake. Played some bumper boats with Diane and Paul. Had so much fun and got a great arm workout. Ok Eric got a better one because he did a lot of the paddling. Got some really awesome frozen yogurt at this yogurt shop under Flipnotics. They have ice cream machines on the wall all different flavors all frozen yogurt. You get a flavor or mix them and then they have a table with about 40 toppings. You do it all yourself then they weigh it and you pay by the weight. It was really good. Got a little dehydrated throughout the day which really worried me. I had the worst headache and nausea on the way home and throughout the night. Downed 40 oz of water last night to try to rehydrate. Felt much better this morning thank God. I was craving some watermelon this morning so when we went grocery shopping I made sure that we got some. Eric was such a big help today we cleaned the house together. Now we have the entire afternoon to just chill out and sleep. We will enjoy the beautiful day by looking out our windows from the sofas. Eric is finally starting to feel better. One more day of rest and hopefully he will feel a lot better. He has a two shift work day tomorrow so he wont be home till late. Dinner without hubby boo. We are both so excited about spring forward more daylight to enjoy our back deck and views. Still trying to find a swimsuit that I like so I can enjoy summer as a pregnant woman. I can't believe how much maternity swimwear cost. I am still deciding on showing off the belly or covering it up???? If that is all I am worried about then things are good. I think this baby might have motion sickness just like daddy because every time I get in a car as a passenger I get sick. It happened again this morning on the way to grocery store. Well it runs in the family.

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