Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012


We have so much going on as I am sure everyone does. Eric's company has officially been sold. Eric seems to be happy with the outcome. So all in all I guess everything is great. Major weight off mine but mostly Eric's shoulders.

Jack is learning and doing new things everyday. He turned 9 months today and I can't believe how fast it is going. He is starting to really love the water and he stood up for the first time a weeks ago.

Having fun in the water. He is standing everywhere.

Owen loves playing with Jack. Jack standing up by himself for the first time.

Crawling through the tunnel and sitting in big brothers big boy chair.

Everything is better if it is mommies. Play time with daddy.

Owen has been growing up so much. He is talking up a storm and running around like a crazy kid. He is also making lots of new friends.

Owen's new friends Eva and Dillon. It is always fun making new friends.

Owen and Jack riding the train. Owen ready for his last day of summer school.

All in all everything is going great. We are getting ready for Owen's 2 yr. party, our 5th wedding anniversary trip to Vegas, and Jacks 1 yr party. It will be nonstop till New Years. We are getting ready because it is going to fly by.