Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010


Well just trying to get back on track. Traveling during the holidays with a new baby is a little difficult and overwhelming. However, we all do it and we all survive. We had a great Thanksgiving with all the families.

Eric's parents came to visit us and I made my first Thanksgiving meal. I must say it turned out quite nice. They were great. They watched Owen while Eric and I went for a walk. It is nice to get a little break every once in a while. Eric's mother really helped me with the Thanksgiving meal. It was a great weekend. It was so nice to be able to be in our own home with all the things we are so used to having right at our finger tips. I will say that we have decided we really need to add on another bedroom downstairs. We need a guest room. Getting a quote tomorrow on closing our garage in and adding a bedroom and bathroom. We will see!!

Omi and Owen

Opi and Owen

Boys nap after Big meal
Thanksgiving day was spent out at the farm with my dad, stepmother, grandmother, and my sisters family. We had a great time. Little Owen got to sit in the tractor with my dad. He will have so much fun at the farm as he gets older. A tree fell because of the high winds and all the boys got to go play with all the toys to clean up the tree. Eric is not much of a farm boy but I think he enjoys getting to go do all the farm stuff. He actually said he could see himself living out in a place like that.

Aunt Terri and Owen

Mam-Maw and Owen

Pap-Paw and Owen

Great Grandma and Owen

The Boys having fun!!

Went from the farm to my mom and Gary's house last weekend. It was nice to see my momo and popo, and my sister and her family came to moms also. The guys played yard darts. I had never heard of that but it looked like fun. We also had a movie night of shriek 3 and monsters ink. Kid friendly fun.

Nana and Owen

Grandpa Gary and Owen

Momo and Owen

Uncle Reed and Owen

Tanner reading to Owen

Monday was recovery day. I came down with a clogged breast and have been trying to fight that. Yesterday we did Owens Christmas pictures which he wanted nothing to do with. He looked so annoyed at first, then he got hungry, then he needed his diaper changed and after all that he was to tired to go on. Go figure he just didn't want to strike a pose.

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