Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 2013

Family Vacation,

We had a wonderful family vacation with some really great friends.  We took are annual vacation to Padre Island.  We went this year with our great friends Jen and Kevin Veneman.  They have to amazing children Maddie the youngest at 11 months and Ayden who is four months older than Owen.  We had such a great time together. 

Dinner the first night hot dogs and corn.  Love this pic of all the kids eating the corn on the cob.

The guys having fun grilling it up.

Last day group picture.

Can't leave without a shark picture at the beach.

Ayden's catch of the day.

Eric took Owen fishing and the first cast ended up in the water.  Not sure fishing will be Owen's thing.

Playing in the sand.

Jack the surfing man.

I was playing with the boys in the water.

The boys trying it out by themselves.

Jack running from the water.

Having fun!!

Dinner night.

Dinner night.

The boys hanging out!!

Building a big castle with the daddies.

Checking it out!!

Hands on at the Texas State Aquarium.

Owen feeling a sting ray.  Super cool!!
All in all a great vacation!!!

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