Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010


So I got some news back today about meeting with a doctor about our baby. I am being sent to a prenatal specialist for high risk pregnancies. Not that I have a high risk pregnancy, just this once I am going to have a level two sonogram and if the cysts look smaller or have stopped growing I will probably go in once more and then just see my normal doctor. However, if they are bigger I will have to continue seeing this doctor and figure out what to do once the baby is born. I have already been told if the cysts are still there they will want to do an amniocentesis. Which Eric and I both think it is to risky. The appointment will be Thursday the 6th of May. I am glad to be getting this done but I don't feel like it will change anything. We love little Owen so much already and I just can't imagine not getting to hold him for the first time. Other then that we are totally packed and ready for Hawaii. In my down time today I started working on little Owen's name for his room. They are turning out so well. I obviously have two more letters but I can only do so much with six kiddo's running around.

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