Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010


I am so glad for Friday. I only have two kiddo's and it is nap time so no biggy. We had a wonderful Easter party today. We made rabbit heads, then had an Easter egg hunt, and then ate some pizza and cup cakes. It was great. Plus all the mom's come and totally helped out. It was nice to have adult conversation during the day. The kid's did a great job hunting the eggs.

Well, yesterday ended up being a not so great day. I had a head ache from hell and it was so bad that it made me nauseated. I also was overly emotional crying one minute, laughing the next, irritated the next and ready to jump my husband the next. He liked that of course. Today, however, I feel great and am in a really great mood. The beauty of pregnancy.
I can't wait to see the fam this weekend. I haven't seen my sister since she graduated in December. It has been a while since I saw my mom too. We are also going to meet up with our friend Tanvi and her soon to be husband. We haven't seen them in forever, I don't even remember when we saw them last. Fun times!!

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