Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010


Yesterday went great. We started the day with two doctors appointments. Eric had blood taken to test his cholesterol, he is doing well it is just a normal physical plus he is going into a surgery or something and has to have a bunch of shots and blood testing before he can go. I had my check up for Owen and I. They did my glucose testing which I don't know the answer to. The doctor informed me that all is well and he will see me back in three weeks. After my next appointment it will be every other week. It was a long visit but short at the same time. We had our first baby shower yesterday at Eric's work with all the people that he works with. It was really really great. I am so grateful for everything that everyone did for us and gave us. I still can't believe how amazing everyone was and how many people where generally happy for us. I may just be overly emotional due to the pregnancy but I am so happy I want to cry at how lucky and blessed that I truly am. After the shower I brought everything home and had a great time going back through it and playing with everything. We went to meet our pediatrician after that and we both loved her. She is going to be great. We did a little shopping after that and had a great time. I also hit my 30 week mark yesterday. I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. I will post some pics.

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