Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010


This weekend was crazy. Friday I started having some pain in my lower stomach and groin area. So after doing some google searches, I called the doctor on duty and he had me come in to the hospital. They tracked my blood pressure and the babies heart beat. We are doing good. Baby Owen is doing great and he is moving around like a little monkey. His room is very fitting. We had our first birthing class on Saturday. It was a good class Eric didn't think he learned much even though I am sure he new nothing about what was going to happen until we took the class. We did decide that we are going to try and do natural birth just because we were both so turned off my the epidural. Of course we will see all may change once we are in the hospital and I am in pain. It is really hard to say without really knowing what you are getting into. Sunday our friends Jennifer, Kevin and there little baby Ayden come to visit us. It was great to get to meet Ayden and Jen gave me a lot of great advise. Eric held little Ayden and was so awkward with him but so cute at the same time.
I have a very busy week this week. Getting ready for my second baby shower how exciting. Eric's parents will be coming in along with my dad, step mom, and grandmother. I can't wait so of course this week is taking forever. I have a ton of cleaning to do. I made a long list and divided everything up into everyday of the week. I got a great start yesterday and of course today I haven't done a thing. I was going to go to Austin tonight to meet up with some really great friends however, it just wasn't going to work out. With the kids, cleaning and work tomorrow I just can't do an evening round trip. I wish we could all meet on the weekend. Staying in touch with friends is so hard to do as life gets more complicated. That is in a good way of course. Well enough about all that. I hope this week will go by fast.

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