Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010


Well we had what could of been a scary and sad weekend turn into a relaxing and happy weekend. My grandmother had a heart attack or so we thought. It turns out she has some kind of thing where your heart quits pumping and just starts to quiver. I forget what it is called and even if I could remember I probably couldn't spell it, buy the end of the weekend she was back home and doing ok. Still a little weak but making it. I will get to see her again in a couple of weeks for the baby shower. We also went to Dallas to visit Eric's parents. It went great, it was wonderful to see them. We don't get to hang out with Eric's family very often so when we do it is great. We went to pick out flowers and other gardening things. I have a picture of the daylilys that I bought. I planted them and they are looking beautiful. I have a lot more landscaping that I would love to do. I hope I can do a little bit this weekend. Tomorrow marks week 29 of the pregnancy. Had a little trouble with going to the bathroom but called the doc and am taking some stuff that has fixed the problem, so far of course. I have my glucose testing next week, we meet our pediatrician, and we have our first baby shower. I am so excited for next week. This weekend we are going out to the lake for July 3rd it will be fun and I will get to see Amanda who I haven't talked to since Christmas. There really isn't anything else going on.

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