Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010


Well Eric's promotion has been made public. I can now post it without getting in to much trouble. Eric doesn't really like me bragging on him. However, I am so very proud of my wonderful husband. He deserves this as he has been working his ass off. Owen feels like he is getting so much bigger as he is kicking less but moving more. I can feel parts of his body although I don't know what parts. He really seems to love to stomp on my bladder. Well we took or SIDS class last night and learned a lot. Some info was common sense and some was good to know. Don't sleep with your baby is a big one. Not worried about that already decided that little Owen will stay in his own bed and not in ours. The second big one has to do with smoking. Even if you smoke outside and then come in your clothes can transfer toxins to the baby that can cause SIDS. I have decided no smokers can hold the baby for the first year. SIDS is most common in the first 12 months. This weekend I have my last of my teaching classes for the preschool. I will have done all 21 hours in two weeks for the entire year. One thing out of the way before baby comes. We are also getting a shed put up to clean out our garage before baby comes. Today I bought the babies mattress I ended up getting a really firm one because that will also help with SIDS prevention. We are also going to make a trip to my mom's and grandparents on Sunday and then stopping to talk to my dad for Father's day. Eric got some new biking clothes for his fathers day gift. I told him that I know that he will make a wonderful father and I thanked him for how patient he has been with me throughout this pregnancy. I thanked him for taking care of me and doing everything he can to make me happy and comfortable. He really is the most wonderful man and I feel so lucky and so grateful.

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