Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010


We had a great weekend celebrating fathers day with my wonderful husband who is going to be an amazing father and who has been an amazing husband, my moms family and then with my father. I really hope that all the fathers had a great father's day.

This has been the most amazing and stress free week. I officially think that letting go of the two tough children and their tough parents have given me the ability to breath and teach the other three students. I have had a great time with the triplets and they are learning so much. I am able to see improvement now that I am not side tracked with behavior problems or medical problems.

So excited that I am finally going into my third trimester. This is so exciting Owen will be here before we know it. From here on out we will be busy every weekend but two. I hope this will help the time go by very fast. We have two weeks till our next doctor appointment, meeting our pediatrician, and first baby shower. So very very excited.

This weekend we are excited to go visit Eric's parents in Dallas. While we are there we are going to watch the Rangers play. I am excited they have been kicking some serious ass. Neways, we haven't seen Eric's parents in a while and it will be nice to catch up with them.

Going to Babies R Us today to add some extra stuff to our registry and change some other things so that there is more stuff that is actually in the store. I find that Babies R Us really sucks when going to buy stuff off a registry. The registry is really hard to read you have to ask someone who works there.

Eric is on his way home and i am kind of in a funk mood. I am sure that once I see him I will perk up a bit.

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