Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010


Well I know that we may be way ahead of schedule for getting things for the baby but we are trying to spread everything out. So, we ordered or baby furniture last night. We really love it. It is called Hartford Straight Back Crib. If you would like to see just google Hartford Straight Back Crib and click on the JC Penny's link. We got the changing table and dresser also. All in a coffee color. All or our friends want to give us things and we are taking some stuff but because it is our first baby we are really excited to get some things new. We decided last night not to buy any of the bedding stuff for the baby but to leave it on the registry and wait till after the baby showers.
I am a little nervous this week because we have our level two sonogram to check out the baby's brain on Thursday. I can't wait because I was told these sonograms are really awesome but at the same time I am scared because I want everything to be ok. I know that he is alive and moving because I feel him I just hope everything is ok with his brain. Also I forgot to tell everyone that Eric got to feel Owen for the first time last week, and we can see him move from the outside. It is so cool and I am loving every minute of it. I am finally enjoying the pregnancy and this second trimester is just flying by. I should be just starting my 20th week however when we went in for the last sonogram the baby was measuring 19 weeks so I am about the start week 21 on Thursday. I guess we will see what the sonogram tells us on Thursday because every time we go in the due date moves up. It has changed from the 22nd to the 16th of September. Hey I am not complaining.
Eric is doing great. His work is going through some major changes and I think it will work out for the better for him. I picked up another child my first little boy. He is much younger then everyone else but he is such a good kid and so darn cute.

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