Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010


Well I am really starting to show now and I love it. Owen is kicking like crazy and doing little flips over and over again. I love feeling him move. I am feeling really really good, physically, emotionally, and about the baby. I am hoping that the rest of the pregnancy goes as fast as the second trimester has gone. Thursday we will be in month six at 23 weeks. For those who don't know Owen is a big baby. He was measuring at 23 weeks last week at 22 weeks. His arms and legs are long just like is daddy. We have had three sonograms in the last month checking for the cysts that were found on Owen's brain. The one on the left side went away and the one on he right was still there. However, none of the doctors are worried about it. They both think that it will go away. In the mean time Owen is moving and grooving in my belly.

Eric and I are starting to get the nursery ready. All the furniture is put together with the exception of the rocking chair. We will have that today. I think that Eric will put the paint on the wall this weekend and then it is just putting up all the decor on the wall. So excited!!!!

This is going to be a busy week. We are watching two of my kids tomorrow night, volleyball for Eric on , a house warming party, and BBQ with some friends. We feel so social this week. Kind of nice.

Eric is doing well. Work is working out well for him and he seems to be very very happy. Eric has been working so hard to help me get everything ready for Owen's big entrance into our world. We are both so very happy.

The preschool is going well. We did addition today and they are doing great at it. I think some of them get it and some of them don't but it is a big concept for three and four year olds. They are all so funny lately. Today one of them closed the door when her mother left and I said alright lets party she said yes and swung her arm around say who who who who. so freaking funny. It is so fun to watch the kids personalities grow. I can't wait to see how Owen will be.

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