Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010


All is going well. Owen is moving and grooving which makes me very happy. I love that I can feel him moving around. Our last ultrasound went well. I don't remember if I posted the outcome of the last ultrasound. Last Thursday we had a level two ultrasound that was to relook at Owens brain. He had two cysts when we went in to find out if he was a boy or girl. At this ultrasound we found that one cyst had gone away and the other cyst is still there. The doctor said that it will either go away, stay and not cause any problems, or it could be a marker for down syndrome which is only a 1 and 7000 chance of that. I have ultrasound number 5 on Thursday. I guess they want to see if it has shrunk. I will update pictures if we get any. We did get a DVD of the last ultrasound. I am so very very happy.

This past weekend we put all the baby furniture together and Eric was going to do the painting but he ended up falling into a cactus and was totally out of it. I will post the pictures of the furniture and the paint as soon as I can. I will post more on Thursday about the ultrasound and the baby furniture plus paint.

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