Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19, 2010


Well even though the doctor never changed our actual due date I am just saying that we have four weeks left. He is still measuring a week early. I don't have any kids today so I am going to run around and get some stuff done.

Eric was out of town from last Thursday to this past Tuesday. I went to Austin to visit my Grandmother, step mom and dad. Did all the last bit of shopping that I needed to do for the baby. Got a lot of nice stuff. Now I am just ready to have Owen here.

I am beginning to get miserable. I am hot, big, a little uncomfortable, and just not content until he gets here. I realized that the doctor will probably not induce even if Owen is really big. I have been watching True Baby Stories and it is about the birth part of pregnancy. I am a little nervous to have a natural birth. I probably should not be watching these shows because they make me cry and want the baby to be here even faster.

We have our last class this weekend. Eric should love it because it is a breast feeding class. Well after this it is just waiting for baby to come.

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