Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012


It has been a crazy end to February. Both kids have been sick on and off for about two months. At the end of February I got a stomach virus which I gave to Jack. We ended up having to take him to the hospital to get an IV and run some test which really sucked. Eric then got the stomach virus from Jack. Owen had RSV again and still has the cough. However, over all we are all finally healthy. So Happy So Very Happy.

Owen is talking up a storm. I feel like he is learning a new word everyday. So we really have to watch what we say in front of him. He is such a Joy.

Jack is becoming more and more alert. He is so wide eyed and smiles all the time. He is finally out of his colic stage and so much happier.

Eric is finally starting to feel better. Between a head cold, stomach virus and something wrong with his ribs he is happy to finally be feeling better. Work is a little stressful but overall he seems to be happy.

I am finally getting to workout at the gym again and Owen loves the kids center at the gym. Overall it is a good match. I feel like everything is going great. We are getting ready for my sisters wedding. She is getting married on Saint Patrick's day.

This month is going to be crazy. We had a wedding last weekend, my sisters on the 17th, and then another friend of ours on the 24th. Two of the weddings are out of town and this will be the first time to travel with both boys. Wish us luck!!

Owen helping his brother out. Owen holding Jack.

Daddy and Owen and Rachel's wedding. Our beautiful family!!
Owen getting ready to party. Jack not real sure about what is going on.

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