Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

What a crazy month. All I can say is thank goodness it is over. It was not all bad just a bit overwhelming. The kids and Eric were sick most of the month. However we have finished strong. We have had three weddings this month, a baby shower, and a couple babies being born. All in all a busy month.
Jack is growing and changing everyday. He started Cereal on Monday and wasn't sure of it but ended up sucking it down. He rolled over for the first time today so exciting. He is growing so fast. We had a hospital visit earlier in the month because of a stomach virus. He had to get an iv it was a very scary night. Over all Jack is such a happy baby, all smiles.
Owen is also growing and talking up a storm. He is just like his mommy a non-stop talker. He repeats every word that you say. Owen had a horrible sinus infection all month that we finally have gotten over. He has also had six teeth come in and two more trying to break the skin. You can imagine he has been a little fussy to say the least. He has also started the temper tantrum stage so we our working with the timeout chair to get the tantrums under control. Owen starts mothers day out next week on Tuesday. Need a little one on one time with Jack.
Eric is doing well. Just trying to get through all the work changes. We are in waiting mode and it is really stressful for all of us.
My sister got married and had a beautiful wedding this month. Terri was such a beautiful bride. So happy for her and hope she has a wonderful and happy life. Also one of my friends got married and one of Eric's friends got married.

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