Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012


Jack has now come down with the cold that Owen got from the doctor office. Jack has slept in his car seat the last two nights so he will not wake up choking on his drainage. Both nights he slept through the night from 10 to 6. Maybe we are on to something. Owen is starting to sound better and seems to be feeling much better. Dressed the boys in matching University of Texas outfits.

Such cute little longhorn fans!!!

Just a great picture of Jack.

My big boys showing some brotherly love!! I can't believe how big Jack is already

My Birthday dinner with some close friends of ours. The dinner itself was a nightmare but hanging with friends was great. We tried to have dinner at Cheesecake factory but the wait was two hours and they didn't take reservations. Why don't restaurants take reservations anymore? We are only going to places that take reservations when we take the kids out. We decided to go to Johnny Carrino's. The service was awful. We waited 45 minute for them just to take our order. An hour and a half for us to actually get food. They tried to buy us off with free cake but we didn't buy it. They gave us all free food. The food was good the service just sucked!! All the kiddos had break downs but none worse then ours. Owen was not having it.

Today has been a much better birthday. Went to Heb, I thought it would be crazy, but it was not. Owen took a morning nap which allowed for relaxing time hanging with Jack. Had a great family time mid day playing with both boys. Then both boys took an afternoon nap and I got a relaxing bath. Lounging around with Eric, during a rain storm, much needed alone time!! One of my girlfriends bought me a bottle of Skinny Sangria which I am drinking while we are watching the start of the super bowl. Owen just woke up and is in the best mood. Life really just doesn't get much better than this. I am turning 31 tomorrow and I feel like I have it all!!

Diane and Kate smiling for the camera. All the mommies, both the girls on either side of me are prego with baby number two.
Paul, Jack and Eric waiting for food to arrive. Owen and Mommy cheesing it up!!

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