Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 1, 2012


Ok so its always something in the Barta house as I am sure it is always something in every house. We started the week with Owen dislocating his elbow. I have been taking Owen for walks around the block. I let him walk next to the stroller so he can get used to following directions and being safe. However there is one place where we cross the street and normally he will hold my hand no problem. On Monday he decided half way across the street that the would pull away and plop down in the middle of the street. When he pulled away I felt his arm give and I guess that is when it happened. I continued to pull him across the street. I was wearing Jack and had the dogs in my other hand so I only had one hand to pull him with. When we got across the street he tried to pick up a rock and he just dropped it and started crying. I realized that something was wrong plus his arm was just kind of hanging to his side. We went into the doctors office, which on a side note there was a sick kid who's mother was letting him cough all over all the kids and the toys. I took out hand sanitizer for Owen and she got hint to get her kid away from him. The doctor was able to pop his elbow back in place she called it a nursemaid. He was perfectly fine after that. Then Tuesday he started to get a little cough. Yesterday cough, runny nose and low grade fever, thanks to the mom who let her kid cough all over everyone and everything. I know that it would be hard but if Owen was sick he would be sitting on my lap until we went back to see the doctor. Just saying!!

So to say the least another crazy week in the Barta house. I am trying everything to keep Jack from getting sick. I have been using a burp cloth to wipe Owens nose and last night Jack had thrown up a little, Owen took the nasty cloth I used to wipe his nose and threw it on Jacks face. I am sure it is just a matter of time. On a positive note he was trying to be helpful. Hopefully we can have a fun weekend.

My sweet sick baby. He is in good spirits.

We did do some fun art work this week. Owen seemed to enjoy!!

New toys from mam-maw and pap-paw.

Just a cute picture of daddy and Jack!!

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