Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011


Well, it was a crazy weekend and an emotional week for me. My emotions are running high and my immune system is running low. Thank God I still have my energy. Owen has been going 90 miles an hour with a bit of fussiness. He broke out in hives Saturday and Sunday. Doctor says it is a reaction to a virus that he may be fighting off. It could also be a reaction to his chicken pox shot. I took some pictures just thought I would share with the family.

I am also sharing my favorite picture, that Marc took for us, of Owen and Eric. It is my best man and my best little man. Can't wait for the new addition. We are seven weeks and counting. I love our little family!!

Here is also a funny picture of Owen sorting his food. Eric was watching him and he just started sorting food into his cup holders. Such a cute little guy and very smart.

We are getting ready to head to Dallas on Friday. Eric has to work Monday through Wednesday. We are going to be hanging with Omi and Opi and watching some Rangers hopefully kick butt. Eric is going to the UT/OU game with my dad on Saturday. So it will be a busy weekend and week. Time sure is flying.

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