Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011


So this has been a crazy week. Monday we were all getting ready to go for a walk and the jogging stroller tipped over and Owen hit his head on the drive way. He didn't cry very long but he just didn't seem himself. He had kind of been fussy throughout the afternoon and I wasn't sure what was going on. However, after he hit his head he started throwing up. He didn't eat dinner and threw up a couple of times overnight. Yesterday morning he ate breakfast and then just started throwing up all morning. We went in to see his pediatrician and she was concerned about his head and the amount of vomiting he was doing. So she ordered a CT and we spent lunch at the ER. Thank God the scan was negative and it turns out that he has a stomach virus. Probably the biggest coincidence that it started right after he hit his head. Last night was a rough night I think is stomach was still bothering him and he only wanted mommy. He wouldn't go to bed so for the first time we took him on a car ride to get him to fall asleep. It worked but when we tried to lay him down in bed he started to cry. Needless to say mommies night sucked. I guess I need to get ready for long nights anyway. Today however, has been a much better day and Owen is all smiles even though it is now coming out the other end. He also went down great and so far he is still asleep.

Owen did the funniest thing tonight. He took a book to go sit on his potty. He sat down looked at his book then got up and closed the lid. He is such a funny little guy.

So here are a couple pictures of some fun things for Owen and Jack.

Owen's Big Boy boots just like his daddy. They are so cute I just couldn't resist.

This is Jack's little new born hat that we will take some of his new born pictures in.

I was going to order big brother, little brother outfits for the boys. However, I found these decals at Hobby Lobby and decided to do it myself. They turned out great!!

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