Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, 2011


We had a play date with Owen's friend Keira at the park and Owen is ready to go!!

We also had a craft day last week with Owen's friend Ayden. We made a couple of fun Halloween crafts.

Owen's feet made into Ghost for a scary pumpkin night. We let the boys use the paint brushes and their fingers to make some serious art.

We had to make a spider and Owen kept kissing it. Owen put the pumpkins mouth on I must say he did a great pat job.

Owen and his daddy. Eric had a great time going through the maze and just getting to be apart of Owen's Halloween fun.

Our family picture. We all got on the train but it kept getting stuck and Eric had to get out and push so he took a picture while he was off the train.

This was part of the maze probably not 1 year old appropriate but he doesn't really understand just yet. Also super cool charlie brown face.

Owen and Daddy in the bounce house. Owen had such a great time and so did Eric. We got to the place early so nobody else was in the bounce house.

This was before Eric got in with Owen. Not real sure what to do.

Over all we had a wonderful end to the week and a great weekend. We are getting ready to see Jack this week. No we are not having him just having a sonogram on Thursday.

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