Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011


So just wanted to touch base. I have not done a very good job keeping the blog updated but I will try to do a better job. We are just getting ready for Owen's first birthday and the arrival of Jack. Things have been very busy for all of us.

Owen is going 100 miles an hour. He is walking and even running at times. Keeping up with him is a job in itself. He has also mastered opening and closing doors so we are putting on the child locks. We are enjoying the cooler weather and spending more time outside.

Eric is super busy with work. He has been putting in some crazy hours but it is all paying off for him at work.

I am just learning to be a stay at home mom. Cleaning, working out, chasing Owen around, having some fun play dates, etc. All in all life is great!!

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