Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011


Watching the Dateline special on 9/11. Feeling very sad for all the people that died and all their families. We are so blessed to all be safe, happy and healthy.

Owen playing and eating dirt!! Owen Flirting with a little girl.

Owen and his Buddy Ayden!! Owen Going 100 miles an hour!!

Owen has been going 100 miles an hour. We have been going to the play ground, zoo, sea world, gymboree, and the gym. It has been a lot of fun hanging out with him. He is walking, running, climbing and of course dancing like crazy. We have dance time every night and Owen seems to love it. Not to mention that we get the biggest kick out of it. Owen is waving, doing arms up, saying hi, bye, ba ba (bottle), dada, and mama. We figured out that he calls Eric dada and the dogs dada. It is kind of funny. He just got tooth number six in and two more are coming. I gave him his first ever big boy hair cut, called a sport cut. I went on line and looked up how to do it and it turned out great. He is all ready to turn one and his first birthday is around the corner. He is having two parties, what a lucky little guy.

Eric has also been going 100 miles an hour. Besides getting all the things done around the house, that I can't do, to get ready for Jack and spending time with Owen and I, he is super busy at work. At work he is managing a new project which is taking up tons of time. He worked last Sunday, labor day weekend, till 3 in the morning and again on Monday for 4 hours. Him and his team were finishing part of a demo to present to the CEO on Tuesday. He is really taking the bull by the horns so to speak with this new project. We have had a couple things around the house break which he is having to fix. When he gets home at night he wants to kick back and relax with Owen but Owen is off to the races. So Eric races with him. Eric's days are nonstop but he seems to be very happy. It makes his day when he walks in the door and Owen puts his arms out, gets a big smile on his face and says dada. Eric's face lights up with a smile from ear to ear. Eric just finished his Thursday night softball and they got first place. He has also been able to keep up with his once a month poker night with the boys. It is a much needed guys night.

I have also stayed busy with Owen and Eric. Keeping the house clean, making sure Eric has all he needs for a smooth day, taking care of Owen, working out and taking care of Jack and I. It is actually a lot more work than I thought it would be. I seem to have very busy weeks and Jack isn't even here yet. I find the play dates to be refreshing as Owen gets to play with other kids his age and I get to have adult contact. I find the gym to be my saving grace. I get 45 minutes to an hours of a relaxing low impact workout and Owen gets to play with lots of other kids. Its a win win if you ask me. The pregnancy has been going well so far, we are at 30 weeks. I have had lots of pressure lately which I remember having with Owen. This is the time when the baby is doubling or, in Owens case and I am sure Jacks, tripling in size. Jack hasn't been quite the kicker that Owen was but moves around more than Owen did. We can't wait to meet the little guy. I will post my 30 week belly pic on Monday, maybe tomorrow if I get to it. I just started a once a month girls cooking night. I will have to take a couple months off when Jack comes but it is nice to have a girls night also. Plus it gives Eric and Owen some father son bonding time.

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