Monday, January 9, 2012

January 10, 1012

I have found that it is hard to keep up with this blog but I will just do what I can. The past couple of weeks have been a bit trying. Jack didn't want to take a bottle but slowly is starting to. I am breast feeding but we do one bottle before bed just so that he will get used to it for when mommy is not available. Also the last two days Jack was not pooping. He was in so much pain. However, last night he started back on a normal poop schedule. He is having some relief.
Happy baby this morning. He is getting so alert.
He is holding his head up so well. Another alert picture.
Owen is getting four or so teeth at one time. He is happy but a bit clingy and fussy by the evenings. I don't blame him his mouth must be killing him. He is chewing on everything including himself. Over all he has been a champ about it. He is over his morning nap so no more morning relief for mommy but not to big of a deal.
He loves to look at books. Owen being a silly little boy making us laugh.

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  1. Jack looks so much like Owen in the pictures at first. Love the updates and glad Jack is feeling better. Miss all of you guys so much! Love Mam-Maw.