Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas to all and we hope that you all have a wonderful new year. It has been a crazy end to 2011. We all survived and couldn't be happier to have our two little boys with us. Owen and Jack have been a wonderful blessing to our family. Here are some great pictures from this Christmas with all our families. I want to start with some great random pics of all of us.

Owen on his new bean bag. Our little boys Owen and Jack.
Jack happy in the bath. Jack and his crazy hair at bed time.
Jack lifting his head. Jack playing with the monkeys.
Our first family Christmas, me with the boys and Eric with the boys.
Jack's name train. Eric with Jack in front of the tree.

Christmas with Nana, Grandpa Gary, Aunt Terri, Uncle Reed, Tanner, Momo, and Popo.
Momo and Popo with the boys. Nana helping Owen open his gift.
Momo with Jack. Aunt Terri with Owen.
Barta family Christmas. Omi and Opi with Baby Jack.
Opi watching Owen open his gifts. Our new family ornament.
Uncle Alan with baby Jack. Omi helping Owen open a gift.
Barta's with Pap-Paw and Mam-Maw. Pap-Paw putting Owen four wheeler together.

Owen watching Mam-Maw and Pap-paw open gifts. Owen riding his four wheeler.

Owen riding the rocking horse Eric made for him. Us at Sea World.

Sea World fun time!!

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