Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

I just typed in the date for this post and can't believe that July is over. It has been a busy but fun month. We have had many birthdays and lots of traveling.
Three birthdays in our family Opi (Eric's Dad), Eric, and Alan. Happy Birthday to all of you. Eric and I did get a fun date night out for his birthday. We have a great sitter she is amazing with the boys. They didn't even blink and eye when we left the other night. It is nice to know your kids are well taken care of when you are out.
We have done a bit of redecorating downstairs. Both boys have stripes in their rooms and some new art work. As much as I love decorating I am so glad it is over. Thanks to Erics Mom and Dad we have some beautiful glass art pictures that went up in our living area. The pictures turned out amazing.
Jack's room: The picture is from when I was a baby. New stripes, they turned out great.
Moved Jacks furniture around. Owens room also new stripes. Totally love how the room turned out.
Sports wall in Owen's room. New book case with more stripes.
Owen has had a couple of birthday parties. Two of his little girl friends Eva and Bella.
Eva's birthday party, fun bounce house. Bella's birthday party at Morgan's Wonderland.
Owen is really starting to talk and we can understand him. I love it he just has so much personality.
Mr funny guy. He let the girls put this on him and then he just walked around in them the rest of the time. He is so funny.
Jack is also growing up so fast. Starting to talk more, eating big people food. I gave him eggs and peas this weekend and he did great with them.
Jack can also be Mr. funny guy. They boys are already rough housing.
Family time at Morgan's Wonderland. We were there for a birthday party but had such a great family day!!
Riding the train!!
Owen driving us all around in the jeep. Jack is not to sure about Owen's driving.
Owen wanted to ride the elephant and Jack just wanted to ride.

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