Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011


Such a fun day today!!! Owen and I went to the zoo this morning with our friends Crystal and Bella. Owen loves Bella. We had a great time, Owen was all smiles. Owen is so much more aware. He would follow the monkeys as they were swinging. He loved the snakes, ugh. We stopped at one point to watch some non flying birds cross the walk way and one of them stopped and pecked ones toe. He started to cry for a second. Kind of funny and kind of scary at the same time. You can see the picture below. The one with the little girl next to him and the bird in front of him is was taken right before it happened. Over all fun times at the zoo!!

This afternoon we headed out to the pool with Paul and Diane. We were not sure how he was going to handle the pool. The last time that Owen was in a pool was during his swim lessons about two months ago. He hated the pool and screamed the entire time. Not this time :) He loved the pool. He even stood by himself along the side of the baby pool slipped and fell under the water. Dad was there to save him and he hardly cried. He really just took a couple deep breaths, wined for a minute and that was it. Then we aired up his float and life was good. He was in the water for 45 minutes or so and would of stayed longer had we let him. We loved seeing him have so much fun.

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